About Lighthouse HRM

Lighthouse HRMS is a comprehensive all-inclusive software which is designed to facilitate the HR department and give them freedom from all daunting tasks of managing the human resources of the company and empowers the managers and employees to handle and control their own data through self-service. Lighthouse HRMS comes with several essential modules such as recruitment, attendance, payroll, training, appraisal, history, etc. which are customized as per the needs of the client. Through the HRM software, all the HR tasks are automated and integrated directly with a single server which reduces the risk of data manipulation and redundancy and eliminates the need of entering and updating data manually from time to time and thus saves time.

At Lighthouse, we are dedicated to provide enterprises with our top-tier solutions and services for better management of all business activities through advanced custom-made and industry specific softwares to provide enhanced precision, better control and transparency over the statistics. With our 35+ years of experience, we bring our best practices for maintaining a healthy and productive environment within the organization and ensure freedom of all executives, administrators, managers, department heads and employees. Because, afterall business was meant to give you the freedom and not tie you in its daunting tasks. And therefore it is our motto ” whatever may be your business, making it work is ours!

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