Letting your employees handle their information makes them consistent and responsible and gives them a better overview of their conduct.

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Employee Self Service Portal

Due to the rapid increase in the number of employees, the companies are facing issues dealing with employee records. It requires a lot of time and effort to manually organize the database for the employee records, update the information from time to time and check for mistakes which can often result in data redundancy and errors. That's why companies are searching for the most reliable ways to maintain employee data with ease and accuracy which requires less time and money. The Employee Self Service (ESS) portal is the most effective solution for this problem.

The ESS portal allows the employees to enter and manage their data through the Lighthouse HRM mobile app. The software comes with an all-in-one dashboard to get better visibility over the statistics. Additionally, it offers better security than paperwork methods which also makes it environmentally friendly. Giving employees the power to control their information through the ESS portal will eventually help in uplifting employee morale.

Benefits of ESS Portal in Lighthouse HRMS

7 ways to make your human resource more efficient

HRM can be defined as the effective management of people in an organisation. HR management helps bridge the gap between employees’ performance and the organisation’s strategic objectives. Moreover, an efficient HR management team can give firms an edge over their competition.
Human resource operations contribute significantly to the success of an organisation. Hence, human resource management has emerged as a popular course of study.

Primary aspect of Human Resource in the organisation

Business consultants note that modern human resource management is guided by several overriding principles.

Another important principle, articulated by Michael Armstrong in his book A Handbook of Human Resource Management, is that business success "is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies and procedures of the enterprise are closely linked with, and make a major contribution to, the achievement of corporate objectives and strategic plans

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